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Toddler Environment

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“My favorite part of teaching is interacting with the children and observing how they interact socially! Learning how well they are able to transition from work cycle to the other activities throughout the day!”

Danielle Z.

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“This is an awesome age group to teach because they get excited to learn and love to have fun while they do it. Toddlers are learning so many new things at once, and it is so cool to see what each individual picks up on and finds interest in. This age group is also incredibly loving and so happy to discover new things--it makes them a joy to teach and spend time alongside.”

Kaitlyn G.


ages 18 – 36 months

From about 18 months to 36 months old, your child will be encouraged to explore and investigate their surroundings within the Toddler environment. At STEAMspark Montessori the toddler room is a peaceful, supportive, and safe environment for your child’s natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, and discovery to come alive. Toddlers experience different learning activities that involve teamwork as well as individualized lessons to help them in their current learning stage. A large emphasis is put on socioemotional development for the students in this age group which allows the students to begin exploring and understanding their emotions and how they may be impacted or impact others. They are introduced to the Grace and Courtesy curriculum, which encourages students to help others and be kind to their classmates and teachers. With patient and trained staff your child will be guided and encouraged to embrace their independence. STEAMspark Montessori Guides will meet the needs of the “I do it” stage. This would include tasks such as toilet training, feeding times, and general self-care all while increasing self-awareness and self-confidence. We focus on making sure toddlers are always involved in the classroom and get to experience every part of their day as a learning opportunity. We also work on developing a daily routine for the students which helps them to know what to expect and enjoy the order and organization we can make in our lives to avoid confusion and anxieties.

The skill of being confidently independent is one of the most important and versatile skills that students learn in the Toddler environment. As one of the largest focuses throughout all of the materials and lessons that are introduced in the classroom, independence truly helps toddlers to be adventurous, learn for themselves, and be proud when they meet their goals or know that they can ask for help without hesitation.

There are a lot of developmental milestones in the toddler years. It is amazing to see how quickly the students learn and much they develop their focus and concentration.. This age group requires a lot of patience and support to truly scaffold a student’s abilities to reach their potential. At this age, children are learning to use more words to communicate and interact more socially! They are at the age where they are willing to play together but also know how to separate and play alone. Furthermore, they are learning to use the potty, wash their hands, grab their own plates and cups, and learn more hands-on skills to help with everyday life!