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Primary Environment

Quote P1

“I teach a younger student how to use a tweezer and give a lesson on a division problem with three-digit divisors to an older one in the same work cycle – that is the beauty of teaching this age group. Developmental stages can be so diverse in the Primary unlike others in early childhood Montessori education.”

- Yupar L.

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“My favorite part of teaching is watching my loves grow. The longer I am working with them the more I notice changes in their brains and their appearance. Some children were small when I first started and now they are just as tall as they can be.”

-Fatima A.

PRIMARY (Private PreK - K)

3 yr – 6 yr old

In the Primary Montessori environment at STEAMspark Montessori, you will witness the good anatomy of a Montessori Primary Classroom. Your 3-6-year-old child will transition from self-awareness to awareness and care for others. This includes integrating grace and courtesy, the Peace Curriculum, and service-learning into a rigorous academic Montessori curriculum. You will feel livelihood and calmness at the same time from a classroom full of children working independently in a beautiful environment. The social-emotional skill of “taking turns” is one of the most important skills that primary students learn in the classroom. With careful intention, we prepare only one set of materials for each lesson on our shelves. From this skill, children further develop the control of the will, patience, and a sense of responsibility all of which will help them greatly for lifelong with their emotions and social relationships.

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Along with strengthening your child’s social and emotional development, your child will use research-based academic materials to develop strong foundations in sensorial, practical life, language, math, culture, and STEAM integrated concepts. We thoroughly follow the Montessori’s child-centered pedagogy and make sure every child receives one-to-one or small group lessons customized for his or her developmental needs. You will be amazed to see children of ages 3 to 6 working on different lessons with different levels of challenges in the same classroom.

Children of this age group are in the second sub-plane of the First Plane of Development. From the age of three, the child’s unconscious actions and thoughts start to move toward the conscious side. His independence and language abruptly develop. It is remarkable that his vocabulary increases from 300 to more than 3000 in this second sub-plane while achieving the major milestones of reading and writing.

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