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“I have extensive training in nutrition and I make sure each kid is getting the right amount of nutrients in each meal, which includes vegan options and diets with restrictions. I take pride in cooking healthy food for them and I enjoy when kids ask me to make a particular dish or when they recognize a meal or an ingredient.”

STEAMspark has its very own onsite Nutritional Chef, Chef Faby. Chef Faby has always been interested in healthy eating and leading a healthy lifestyle. After she completed her degree in Culinary Arts, she also pursued a degree in Dietetics.  

Chef Faby develops a menu of meals for students that are healthy, delicious, and meet the daily nutritional goals of students. All dietary restrictions are accommodated, whether your family is gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian. Chef Faby offers a variety of ethnicities within the food offerings so students are able to try different foods and expand their palates. Introducing new foods and textures while avoiding sugars, condiments, and processed food provides a well-rounded healthy meal that students will love. 

Our farm-to-table Chef prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks from fresh, delicious, and nutritious ingredients.

When kids are taught at a young age about the difference between nutritious food and junk food, they are more likely to make healthy choices as they grow older. We believe that teaching students about healthy food will also teach them about preventing illnesses and will give them more energy to engage in physical activities.