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STEAMspark School for the Talented and Gifted

The STEAMspark School for the Talented and Gifted

The STEAMspark School for the Talented and Gifted Lower Elementary Program (STEAMspark TAG) is designed to be a private school initiative for exceptionally gifted students. These students must achieve scores at the 80th percentile or higher on a nationally recognized assessment and demonstrate the ability to excel in a Montessori educational setting.

The implementation of the STEAMspark TAG program marks the initial phase of our strategic plan to expand our education offerings to higher grade levels at STEAMspark. STEAMspark TAG will serve students between the ages of 5 - 7 in August 2024 and will serve students up to the age of nine (9) in 2025 when we introduce our Upper Elementary Program.

STEAMspark TAG offers an excellent foundational education to foster a lifelong love of learning. In a multi-age, community-minded learning group environment, students can learn collaboratively as a larger group and in fluid small groups to meet each student's unique learning needs. Our Talented and Gifted curriculum is intended to foster curiosity, independence, increased focus, and a solid academic foundation. The STEAMspark TAG classroom allows students to move freely with dedicated blocks of focused instruction, encouraging them to follow an inner drive for learning and hone their specific interests. Younger students can take inspiration from older students, who get to practice mentorship in the classroom.

STEAMspark TAG students will learn through the use of research-based academic materials and a child-centered approach with a low student to teacher ratio. The classroom is purposefully arranged with accessible, sensory-pleasing learning materials that encourage independence of exploration, personal problem-solving abilities, and instinctual learning. This work-through-play philosophy promotes the competency of practical and academic skills through interactive experiences. Along with practical life skills, students will begin mastering language, math, and STEAM-integrated concepts. Our accelerated Montessori curriculum seeks to hone academic achievement while honoring the natural abilities and passions of each child.

STEAMspark TAG will be hosted at our current location for the following year. We will explore alternative locations to accommodate our growing school as we expand our primary school program and introduce new multi-age learning groups for Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School.