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STEAM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Education

It is without a doubt that our rapidly evolving way of life necessitates an equal, if not greater, response to innovation. We must continuously reimagine and build a world that offers hope for our society’s continual advancement and sustainability. This is evidenced by the increased workforce demand in the areas of STEAM.  Subsequently, STEAM education has become pivotal in equipping students with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to prepare our students to meet this demand.

Here at STEAMspark, we affirm that STEAM education is the vehicle by which our students may positively contribute to the creative process involved in paving a pathway to their future.  Our STEAM infused curriculum offers students the opportunity to engage in a diverse array of Montessori learning experiences that nurture their curiosity and promote inquiry, the basis for scientific literacy. Nestled within a safe learning environment, our students also have full access to their surroundings, and to interact with their peers, which builds the confidence needed to courageously pursue their interests. 

This pedagogical approach is based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s scientific research that emphasized the need for educators to “follow the child” in the facilitation of their learning. STEAMspark Montessori Experience delivers on every front by offering an individualized educational program that accounts for our students’ proximal zone of development, an index used to gauge the readiness of a child to advance in meeting their next growth milestone. The sensory based instructional materials also align with the current brain-based research that helps us understand the importance of activating all major areas of the brain through sensorial stimulation; thereby, increasing the connectivity of neurons that allows for deeper learning and enduring understanding.