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Our Approach

A passion for learning.

By igniting a passion for learning at an early age, our STEAM-integrated, Montessori curriculum prepares students to become top academic performers throughout their education, positions them to take on more advanced courses in secondary school, and enables them to successfully pursue higher education opportunities.

Committed To Growing Young Minds

One spark can light a path to your child's future

Unique in our approach

STEAMspark Montessori Experience ignites curiosity and imagination of young minds so that they enjoy their education. When students walk through our doors, we want them to feel like they’re playing instead of learning. That’s why we’ve created a Montessori driven, STEAM integrated, age appropriate, highly interactive curricula that is taught by Montessori credentialed* and certified educators* who are fully committed to our students. All of our educators at STEAMspark are dual certified American Montessori Society and Texas Education Agency (TEA) State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC)


Instilling the desire to learn.

We know that we’re laying the foundation for life-long learners in the future workforce and strive to provide students with the foundational skills that will prepare them for jobs that currently exist, along with the desire and ability to learn new skills that will help them create new things and take on jobs we have not yet imagined. 

Our founder

Dr. Jovan Wells is the Founder and CEO of STEAMspark Montessori Experience. Dr. Wells is an innovative, collaborative and results-oriented educator with over 20 years of experience developing strategies for student and staff development, student and staff performance, and the overall pursuit of academic excellence.

She is recognized as a transformational leader, with both suburban and urban experience, who understands the long-term value of a quality education and its impact on the lives of students.

In her executive leadership role, she is best known for developing innovative curriculum for a local school district. Dr. Wells has also worked closely with organizations such as the National Math and Science Initiative, the Texas Instruments Foundation to enhance STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) initiatives and the American Montessori Society and the Shelton School to design high quality Montessori magnet programs.